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Custom Type
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CA Rebel Party Rebel
Includes 2 fonts


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About this typeface
Designed by Thomas Schostok
After throwing a 40" Fony television out of the window of the 4th floor of a hotel room somewhere near Austin/Texas, {ths} painted – driven by hate and anger – this rebellious two style typeface. This typeface shall remind us every day of the »indifference of the mainstream« of which we take a shower every day after wake-up.
CA PartyRebel, a thin style, ideal for telling everyone, that you are a rebel at any party and CA RebelParty, the fat style, telling that a party has to be »rebellious«.

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For preview purposes only. Just one style, a-Z, 0-1, no support for kerning or contextual alternates.
Font in use
by Thomas Schostok {ths}

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Font in use
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