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Custom Type
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CA Nihil Superstar
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About this typeface
Designed by Stefan Claudius
This font doesn’t matter, nor does anything else matter. Matter is dead. Money is dead, Cocktails are dead. Everything is useless. So why make money with fonts. Here’s a useless font for free. It doesn’t matter. We don’t care what you do with it, because it has no meaning. We could as well not give it away for free. It would not make a difference. We could also keep it, or erase it from our hard drives.... It wouldn’t cause the slightest difference in the endlessness of this world. Don’t believe the meaning of hype. Trust us, meaning means nothing.
If you didn’t stop reading until now, take this useless piece of information: This font was derived from scans of letters that Friedrich Nietzsche wrote with a funny, hedgehog-like typewriter in 1882. This machine was the first kind of typewriter and was invented by Rasmus Johan Malling Hansen. Amazingly it typed sans-serif caps. Quite a novelty at that time. Since the typewriter hadn't any numerals, Friedrich wrote them by hand.
Well, take it or leave it, it doesn’t matter, we don’t’s all the same.

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Font in use
by Stefan Claudius

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Font in use
by Rasmus Johan Malling Hansen